Louie Dimá

Nikos Nokos
JULY 2015

Louie Dimá

Real name ilias Dimas, has born in Kiato, a small town near Athens.

From Greece’s thriving electronic music scene, yet another promising artist steps into the limelight. After being involved in a number of undground parties and dj’s/producer ‘s. Louie Dimá is taking things to the next level. With a acclaimed solo-début on his own in many underground parties and famous clubs….basic Corinthia and Athens…

Louie started djing in the East of Athens Corinthia, where he was working before in other jobs.The Begining was at school parties and many beach parties. Mixing all types of music liakos manage to establish in the night dance floor scene…

… Deejaying remained a passion in those days, only to become the main focus in later years. After he try a different musical influences along the way. His years of trips try to listen more underground deepend music and then plays what he has heard from external..

In the following last 5 years he gets experience by other Djs and by playing in clubs and private parties in Athens, Corinth, Loutraki, Patra, with his only motivation: the love for good music..